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We contrive to make the invisible air support us, we relinquish the security of feet on the ground because flying is demanding, delightful, beautiful: because we love it. Very few of us are actually crazy, and nearly all of us manage the risks as well as we can, but still we all willingly trade some of our security for the immeasurable beauty of the sky.

Paul.J. Sampson


Airplane Wing

The Aviation Policy Paper for 2022 is here


Aviation Policy Paper 2022

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The Australian Aviation Associations Forum is an alliance of the majority of Australia's largest aviation associations to ensure the industry presents a united voice to government on key aviation issues and policy, characterised by expertise and a wide representation of people and organisations committed to aviation.

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Australia is experiencing a shortage of aviation personnel. The shortage of qualified pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers is a global problem and a major issue for Australia's aviation system.

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